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WE ARE RECRUITING!!! Joker's Wild is recruiting for raid team members. Healers are currently our highest priority, but all classes are welcome. Please submit an application or talk to a Jokers Wild member in-game.
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Guild News


Jay Gold, Mar 24, 11 12:11 AM.
Jokers Wild has merged with CrimeDOESpay !!

Jokers Wild has merged with CrimeDOESpay to form a fun & comprehensive league on the Zero Hour server.  In this new league, we will continue the exemplary league status that has made us one of the most respected leagues in DC Universe thus far.  We will also continue to forge even more alliances going forward that will benefit all involved & grow our reputation as the best place for players to go for cutting edge content and a fun, relaxed environment.  Check out the details in the forums HERE.


Jay Gold, Feb 24, 11 2:58 AM.
February 22nd, 2011

Tonight we ventured into The Batcave: Inner Sanctum, and we pretty much rocked the place.  With no strats or info on what to expect, we took the place on with nothing but our kick-ass raid group & a pair of Brass Balls.

Right off the bat we nuked the Bat Bionicle (The A.R.C.) without any problems.

And then followed that up with an easy-mode kill of the Zetta Droid (aka Catherine Zetta Drones).

After that (and some really annoying trash), we got a real good look at the toughest boss fight in the game, Brother Eye.

The fight is a MAJOR pain in the ass, but ain't no way we were gonna let it stop us... and BroEye became our latest Loot Pinata.

Congratz to everyone that got the phat lootz, and a great job by all.  We'll be farming this place for a long time to come.


Jay Gold, Feb 17, 11 1:17 PM.
February 16th, 2011

Congratulations to the raid team for a league-first full clear of The Batcave: Outer Caverns !!

After several frustrating weeks of attempts on the Bat Family, we were able to finally take them down & show them who their daddy is.  The dam has now been broken, so let the farming begin!!!  The Bat-Bitches are now our personal Loot-Pinatas, and we'll be beating on them every week from now until the new Batcave wing opens up.  May epic lootz & Teir 2 badges fall from the sky!!


Jay Gold, Feb 17, 11 1:09 PM.
February 12th, 2011

Congrats to both groups on the first set of full clears in Khandaq !!

It took a little while to figure out the mechanics of the fight, but eventually & inevitably we came out the victors.  Black Adam is now our bitch, and will be acting like a good little slave & paying homage to us by serving up the phat loots on a weekly basis.

Be sure to check the Raid Calendar for upcoming scheduled Khandaq raids, as this place is easily on farm status & the loot is nice!!
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